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The first design of its kind in Canada, the Fro.Zen Trolley trailer was quite the undertaking….

The design phase took a lot longer than I anticipated – I thought I would be able to purchase a customized trailer from a manufacturer, but the more time I spent looking at customizing a trailer through a wholesaler, the more I realized that I would need to just personally design a trailer from the ground up. So, I decided to purchase a basic, dark grey 20 foot trailer.

With pretty much a clean slate to work with, I started to re-layout the trailer, really retrofitting it to suit my needs. As this had never truly been done before, I needed to work a customization shop to get what I needed. I customized the trailer so much that, today, the only original piece left on the trailer is the entrance door.
Retrofitting the trailer included finding windows that would fit the small frame of the trailer, creating openings for machines and AC, figuring out a stand to put the machines on for the customers to be able to reach them, and calculating the amount of power and plugins the trailer would require. (Sidenote: If you need someone to talk to about amps and volts, I am now your girl)


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A lot of people ask me why I decided to use a trailer rather than a truck. One of the main reasons I decided to use a trailer is the ability to bring it into larger indoor spaces, like conference centres, garages, and gyms. My thinking was that if someone wanted to rent the full trailer for a wedding, party, conference, or a private or corporate event, the ability of the full trailer to go indoors would be an asset over having a truck. My trailer is a bit smaller than the average food truck, and can be hand pushed (I’ll admit, by a lot of hands) into indoor spaces, unlike a truck.


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The trailer concept has been well received during its first summer… It has been rented out for a corporate event, charity golf tournament, and is going to its first food truck event at Waterloo Town Square October 11 – 12 to celebrate Oktoberfest! We are also looking into bringing it to a few wedding and bridal shows around the region during the winter months, so make sure to watch out for us!








Designing Delicious: the Creation of the Fro.Zen Trolley

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