20141025_043404The season has come to a close, but we are ever working to bring you more delicious flavours, treats and good times next year!

While we are busy planning for the 2015 season, we decided to share with our readers some of our favourite photos from this year! It was quite the journey, but we are pleased to say it was a success.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible… in the mean time, make sure to check back in over the winter for more information about events and plans for next year!

To start off, here a couple of photos from the day before we opened… it was one crazy day!

    20140627_041451    20140627_041707

20140627_045307 20140627_045252 20140627_045156

Getting the Trolley ready to hook up to the truck… almost ready to set up at the Market.

20140627_044501    20140627_100825

Setting up and testing the product for our grand opening at St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market

  2014-06-29 09.14.00          20141025_043430

Opening day set up… No wrap, but ready to go!


Putting up the Fro.Zen flags for the first time

IMG_20140725_191338      IMG_20140819_085543

Some Views of the Outside


 The Trolley on the last day of sales!

OktoberFEAST 2014: So excited that we could be a part of this great event… We submitted a “Bavarian Bowl” to be judged which had fresh homemade apple strudel topped with vanilla froyo, caramel sauce, and Bavarian beer nuts. While we didn’t win, we were able to make this kid’s day….

20141012_061820 20141012_061911


Our set up in Waterloo Town Square

We were also privileged to be invited to the BAMM (Brain and Mind Matters)  charity golf tournament.

20140926_084801 20140926_084754 20140926_084358 20140926_084251 20140926_084228 20140926_072350

Here are some of our favourite creations over the first summer…

 20140701_090104  20140701_083801  IMG_20140920_135155 IMG_20140830_142902_edit        IMG_20140708_161934        Creating a Froyo Masterpiece!


And finally, here are some photos from our last day at the market. It was an incredible first season… Thanks to everyone who came out to the market, invited us to events, and supported us through this first year!


The girls of the Fro.Zen Trolley


Getting a Sample


Our last customers of the season!

The Road so Far…

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