I’ve always had a lot of questions at events and at the Market about what gelato really is, and how it’s different from ice cream…I’m going to try to answer that here!


When I first think of gelato, I, like many of you, think of Italy. While I wish that our trolley had views of the Colosseum, or of the Mediterranean, we have tried to capture the delicious frozen treat to bring to our customers here. Our Gelato is made by a family run establishment in Toronto, using Canadian dairy. colosseum

While traditional gelato is served with a paddle, our particular kind is soft-serve (The only difference being that between hard scoop and soft serve ice cream!) It’s a bit unique, but tastes just as excellent and has just as many flavours.

To me, there are two main differences between Gelato and Ice Cream:

1. The texture. Gelato tends to have a richer, more velvet textures than ice cream. That’s why a lot of people assume that it has a lot more cream and is worse for you than traditional ice cream is.

2. BUT it’s actually not! Gelato is actually made with more milk than cream, while ice cream has a higher percentage of cream (or butterfat) than milk. Gelato, believe it or not, actually has fewer grams of fat and less calories than traditional ice cream! The texture comes from the product being served at a higher temperature, not from there being more cream in the product. Also, with the product having less fat than ice cream, the flavours are really able to come through more intensely in the final product, which is why it tastes so much more rich than ice cream!


Make sure to check out all of the Gelato flavours that we offer on our flavour page!


Now, excuse me while I go and get a second helping…



Let me tell you about Gelato

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