Our events trolley is getting back up and running for the Spring/Summer season 2017!

We are excited to be going out to dozens of weddings, and corporate events over the next few months.

Over the last two years, the events trolley has been invited to events all over the place…

  • Canada Day at Colombia Lake
  • Blue Mountain
  • Events at Kitchener City Hall
  • River Rock Festival oustide of St. Mary’s
  • Baden Corn Festival
  • Events in Downtown London
  • Golf Tournaments in St Mary’s, New Dundee, and Cambridge
  • Corporate events in Downtown Toronto
  • Sporting events
  • Weddings at many venues around the KW, Cambridge and Guelph Region!

We set up indoors, outdoors; in high rises, or in barns. Perfect for any setting, and any location. We take care of everything for you… We bring the utensils, manage the cart while your guests make their sundaes, and clean up when everyone is finished! No fuss, no muss!


Half of the fun for our clients is getting to customize their experience by choosing flavours and toppings. When our customers create their own Sundae Bar, we get inspired by the flavours they choose as well! Some of our favourite twists that our clients have done over the last few years have been:

Raspberry Sorbet and Chocolate Gelato

Strawberry Greek Organic FroYo and Vanilla Bean Gelato

Fudge Brownie Vegan Sorbet and Cheesecake Greek Organic FroYo

Mango Sorbet and Vanilla Greek Organic FroYo

Salted Caramel Gelato and Chocolate Gelato

Cake Batter Greek Organic FroYo and Chocolate Gelato

With more than 30 flavours to choose from, we can’t wait to see what our clients will come up with next!

We’re looking forward to all of the different events and locations that we get invited to this upcoming year.

We still have some dates available, so feel free to contact us today!





Events, Parties and Weddings!

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  • March 1, 2017 at 8:52 am

    I was wondering how much it is to have this trolley at our wedding in the fall? Thanks


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