The Story Behind the Fro.zen Trolley

After completing both undergraduate and masters degrees, Gina decided that the corporate life wasn’t for her. She asked herself, “If I had to choose right now, what would I want to spend my day doing?”. And like most normal 20-something, educated females, Froyo immediately popped into her head. An avid visitor of frozen yogurt shops, she thought that she could bring something unique to the market. As someone with mild food intolerances, she found that the self-serve frozen yogurt stores didn’t cater to her dietary needs. When they actually offered something that wasn’t milk based, it was a super sweet, fruit based sorbet. Not the best option if you are craving something chocolate!

From the initial conception, she knew she needed to have a better selection of dairy-free options for those milk- intolerant people with a sweet tooth – which is why a minimum of 2 out of 6 flavours will always be dairy-free (and won’t be limited to fruit sorbets). Another love of Gina’s – portable food carts – also came up while brainstorming business ideas. I mean, who wouldn’t want a frozen yogurt trailer parked outside their place of work, or on the beach, or at the next wedding they attend? (Heck, Gina was even in awe of the possibility of having a frozen yogurt trailer parked right outside her home!).

yogurt-face So, Gina said, “Bring the Froyo to the people!” and the idea for the Fro.Zen Trolley was born. yogurt-face